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There is nothing more powerful than experiencing something for yourself. We’re so convinced naak will unlock new value and opportunities for your business, we’re making this offer available to a limited number of qualifying companies interested in exploring how energy services can impact their bottom line and increase their competitive edge.

The naak experience 100% risk free! 

How do you take advantage of this? 

Schedule a Partner Assessment call below to help us pin down your specific use case and ensure we’re a good match. 

Then, purchase up to 10 Subscriptions under these ridiculously good terms only being offered to the first 10 companies to sign up as Trial Partners.

Here’s the deal – 

  • naak Connect Hardware kit discounted to $699 $399 
  • 12 month Subscription to the naak Connect platform $180 – FREE 
  • Two Smart Pugs $88 – FREE

That’s a $667 in savings per naak Connect subscriber..

If you take full advantage of this limited time offer, and purchase all 10 trial subscriptions available to you, that’s $5450 in discounts for building your network with zero risk. 

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 

If we’re not able to deliver the results defined by you, we will refund you the entire amount with no questions asked. 

But it gets better… 

If you sign up as a naak Partner within 60 days following SPI, every new customer you add to your network for six months thereafter, will receive a free Smart Plug and 12 months of platform access for FREE. 

That’s a $212 ongoing discount for helping us, help you build your network of Digital Energy Economy Participants. 

As we will make your success our focus, this offer is limited to the first 10 Companies to sign up only. We look forward to collaborating with you!

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