naak Services

We provide the ability to fully manage and control your energy consumption, production, and storage from a convenient, user-friendly dashboard.

Service Offerings

naak offers a suite of  services that support our turnkey hardware integrations and product offerings.

Turn Solar + Storage into a Microgrid – 

  • Bolt-on intelligent Energy Management (iEMS)
  • Compatible with integrated inverters
  • Load management increases system efficiency and improves user experience
  • Purpose built for best in class resiliency

Load Control:

  • Home Automation Appliance Control
  • Digital Loads Panel – Improves Whole Home Backup configurations
    • Wireless Circuit, plug & IoT level switching

Battery Maximizer Customer UI

***Integrated Home Automation***

  • Circuit and plug level load control
  • Voice Assistent Compatible
  • Integrated Smart Thermostats

***Load Scheduling***

Customize run schedules for each controlled load and appliance.

Demand Response – Select appliances to participate in DR events. Enables Auto DR

Energy Autopilot – “Set-it-and-forget-it” Apps designed for rate tariff optimization:

  • Demand Charge Manager
  • Battery Maximizer – Resiliency Mode
  • Solar Maximizer

Grid Services 

naak’s cloud based control platform aggregates DERs and enables a coordinated response to grid signals when called upon.

  • Virtual Power Plant 
  • Auto Demand Response


Real-Time Energy Monitoring & control

naak’s simple yet informative web dashboard and mobile application make it easy to monitor and control your appliances from the palm of your hand.

Energy Management – Load Control + Home Automation

End-to-end Intelligent Energy Management – One App for all your energy management needs

Demand Charge Manager Customer UI

Energy Autopilot: Set-it-and-forget-it Apps!

Autopilot applications are services designed to maximize savings in specific rate tariffs and maximize resiliency when operating off grid. This is accomplished by intelligently managing loads/appliances and resources, I.e. battery storage and solar, to solve for the lowest cost of energy, powered by the Analytic Q machine learning.

Integrated Home Automation

  • Circuit and plug level load control
  • Voice Assistent Compatible
  • Integrated Smart Thermostats

Load Scheduling

Customize run schedules for each controlled load and appliance.

Demand Response – Select appliances to participate in DR events. Enables Auto DR

Battery Maximizer App – Resiliency Mode

Imagine the power goes out, and stays out for a prolonged period of time. Do you want 3 or 4 circuits to be backed up by your battery, or do you want the flexibility to choose what to power from your battery? 

When the grid is operating, naak saves you more money than solar alone by managing your appliance loads. But when it’s not, it gives you the freedom and safety that comes from powering what you want, when you want it. No other offering provides this level of optimization and control. Period. 

naak’s Digital Load Panel allows for whole home backup –

  • Simplifies installation, eliminates long conduit runs to disparate sub panels,
  • No need to coordinate with the homeowner on what loads they want to back up and no truck rolls after the fact to rewire the critical loads panel if a change needs to be made
  • Selecting an appliance as Essential vs. Non Essential is as simple as Dragging and Dropping  a tile on the digital dashboard
  • Facilitates managing the battery as a limited resource by providing visibility into available runtime based on the current configuration

Demand Charge Manager App


Batteries are often used to reduce Demand Charges by discharging them when the load exceeds a certain threshold. But this can be tricky business as you never know if you will have enough battery left to eliminate all the demand spikes. naak’s DCM App controls those pesky loads ensuring you avoid costly demand charges.


Once your naak system is installed, the customer selects what loads are designated as flexible and can change them at any time. These “flexible loads” can then be hierarchically ranked in priority order – the lowest priority load will be turned off first. naak will automatically turn them back on when it’s safe to do so. 

Autopilot Takes Over

Once the maximum kW limit is set, Autopilot takes over and turns flexible loads off when the set-point is exceeded, and back on again when there is available threshold. Load control plus a battery, is the ultimate insurance for avoiding what can be up to 60% of a commercial customers bill.

The Most Simple Yet Advanced

Residential Plug-and-Play Microgrid

A one stop shop for Project Developers, Financiers and Utilities:

  • Pre-Integrated Hardware Kits with your favorite vendors
  • Industry Leading Software – “Energy Autopilot” “Digital Loads Panel”
  • Project Support – Scoping, Design, Tech Sales, Financing 

All Included!


Participate in Demand Response events when called upon by the Grid – By shedding loads and discharging the battery, you go “grid invisible” and maximize your incentive.


Peace of mind and a resilient home has never been more imperative. naak offers a residential microgrid kits in sizes to meet any customers needs and the ongoing services needed to ensure the system is continually optimizing as things change.   There is no solution like it! 

Rate Tariff Independence

 Consume energy how you want, when you want! Let naak’s Autopilot maximize your savings for you.

DER Aggregation, Fleet Management, and the Network Effect – meet the naak NOC

Plugin to the Digital Energy Marketplace –  Naak’s Fleet management portal is designed to allow operators to focus on what requires attention and schedule dispatch events across a fleet.

DER management in the age of grid services requires more than monitoring. The ability to control a multitude of DERs behind the meter and delivering a coordinated fleet wide response drives exponentially more value to utilities. 

Leveraging the Network Effect of DERs – Intelligent aggregation and management of DERs delivers significantly more value than traditional load shedding or demand response. With a big enough network and bi-directional communications, DERs can deliver continuous and precise capacity that support the grid in a variety of ways, including curtailment and spinning reserves, as well as voltage and frequency regulation.

Network Effect – Two telephones can only connect to each other, but five can make 10 connections, and 12 can create 66. For every asset you add to the system, you increase the value of the network by a factor of a square – That means that the bigger the network, the value increases exponentially. With naak every customer represents 7+ DERs vs. 2 with solar and storage alone.

Do the math!



     Centralized Command and Control Center for delivering Grid Services

    The naak NOC places energy traders, procurement platforms and grid operators at the helm of their naak integrated fleet. Select participating DERs by Utility or Geofencing DER dispatching in real time in response to Grid Signals received via API or dispatch per pre-scheduled events..


    For those seeking growth in the digital age of energy, naak makes it easy to keep up with fast changing go-to-market strategies and service offerings required to succeed. 


    Optimizing battery storage systems is complex. naak’s battery management platform reduces installation costs, provides unmatched flexibility and delivers a better outcome.


    The naak VPP Control Platform makes DERs visible and dispatchable, allowing them to be contracted, aggregated and coordinated to provide electricity services.