The Holy Grail

Of Energy Management 

We take energy automation to the next level. Control energy storage device, solar and appliances in a home or business, while maximizing energy savings and increasing disaster readiness. All from the palm of your hand.

Powering The Digital Energy Economy

naak is a new kind of energy service company. Built to power the digital energy transformation by serving the needs of energy consumers, developers and the grid.

naak offers a subscription based platform that enables solar companies to successfully transition from a commoditized asset focused company into a subscription based energy services company helping people control their energy future.

The Digital Age

Energy is entering the digital age. Just like a flip phone no longer serves you today, select technology that is aligned with your business growth strategy, will serve your customer’s needs long term, and enable you to continually offer additional products and services. 

Get Connected

To participate in the new energy marketplace, homes and businesses must be connected to the Internet of Energy, able to flexibly react to changing energy tariffs and coordinate energy management decisions in response to market signals from the grid. 

Turning Energy Consumers Into Prosumers 

A “prosumer” is someone who both produces and consumes energy. Gone are the days when electricity consumption was a one-way street. Solar and energy storage systems, referred to as “Distributed Energy Resources” or “DER’s” serve the grid by reducing infrastructure investment, improving resilience and increasing integration of clean energy. naak is the “digital glue” required to integrate and orchestrate DERs. Unlocking the value of solar and storage serving prosumers and the grid.


Energy and what it costs are no longer out of your control. We believe the energy you produce is your asset and you should be the one to decide how and when it is consumed, stored or shared with the grid. 


The best thing about energy in the digital age is, you can control it from the palm of your hand. Like requesting an Uber, you can control everything plugged into your home with a simple app. 

The Secret Sauce  

naak helps energy companies build trust and serve customers in a new way. We create customizable service offerings that enable companies to keep up with the fast changing go-to-market strategies required to lead the digital transformation of energy.


With naakConnect, your energy services will be unbeatable!

Intelligent Energy Management

naakConnect is a subscription-based service  to manage the exchange of energy between solar, batteries, and the grid.

Protect Your Investment

Automatically respond to changing utility rates and participate in new energy saving programs. Integrate battery storage, electric vehicle charging and new appliances.

Control - Is the differentiator

With naak, appliances are scheduled to turn off and on when desired or can be automated to run when energy costs the least. 

How to Use naak For Smart Business

Avoid Demand Charges

naak ensures you do not exceed demand thresholds by switching off or shifting energy loads to other times so you can utilize your battery storage as needed to maximize your savings.

Control Your Environment

Maximize the use of your solar by ensuring excess solar is used to charge your battery, EV or run appliances ensuring you unlock the full value of your investment.  

Future-proof Your Business

With the ability to control your energy resources and manage your energy loads accordingly, no matter what changes, you have the ability to adapt and optimize.

Virtual Power Plants 

Plugin to the Internet of Energy!

Cloud based centralized digital switching and control enables energy trading and accelerates ROI. Participate in the new energy marketplace and help make your community more resilient while saving your customers more.


Subscription Based Energy Services   

 We provide the technology, connectivity and marketplace to help

smart energy companies get smarter.

Solar Companies

For those seeking growth in the digital age of energy, naak makes it easy to keep up with fast changing go-to-market strategies and service offerings required to succeed. 

Battery Storage Companies

Optimizing battery storage systems is complex. naak’s battery management platform reduces installation costs, provides unmatched flexibility and delivers a better outcome. 

Subscribers Expect

Give Your customers what they want and need.

  • Ongoing value 
  • Personalized experience
  • Immediate gratification
  • Participation

Become a Trusted Partner

The one word that defines naak as a company, is collaboration. In fact, our mantra is, “we help you do what you do better”. Schedule a partnership assessment today.