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Frequently Asked Questions

Real questions from real people answered here. Submit a question of your own and we’ll add it to the list.  

If I partnered with naak, will the tech be complicated or lengthy to build, learn, and apply?

naak provides onsite and over the phone training and tech support for installers and technicians. Our Installation and commissioning process has been refined over thousands of successful installations and the certification of hundreds of technicians. We believe in efficiency, that is why we have made the process simple, fast, and easy to learn.

How does naak uniquely address Time of Use rates and non export tariffs?

In TOU and self-consumption markets, the ability to create a load by switching something ON makes all the difference. Rather than exporting solar to the grid for little credit, you’re better off using it and maximizing the solar umbrella. In Self consumption markets, you either use it or lose it. So turning loads on avoids curtailment and maximized ROI.

What are the customer “outcomes” you refer to?

We all know customers will lose interest in energy data quickly. What they won’t forget are the outcomes that are important to them and the reason they  opted into your service. 

Ensure my energy is at the lowest possible cost
Manage my large loads efficiently
Utilize stored energy efficiently when on and off-grid
Avoid exporting any excess energy generation

Reduce demand charges

Other battery platforms state they have the ability to control, so how is naak different?

Other battery management systems are limited controlling charge or discharge. When stating they offer “load control” they are simply referring to this limited functionality. End to end optimization of a home or business is just about impossible with this limited functionality.

naak controls the entire energy ecosystem accounting for the rate tariff, historic loads, controllable loads (circuit, plug and IoT devices) available resources (solar, battery) and even the weather. In doing so, it extends battery life and unlocks the full potential of the system you designed. 

How does naak set my solar and battery offering apart?

When integrating batteries with solar, load control and energy management is the key to unlocking their full potential.  

Our Storage Management Service leverages our extensive load control capabilities to deliver a Digital Loads Panel. This allows the user to adjust what is considered Essential and Non-Essential in the event of a grid outage, demand response event or in a disaster readiness situation. 

In addition to added flexibility, the Digital Loads Panel simplifies the installation process reducing costs. 

It’s a differentiator if not a game changer.

With all these features, how do you suggest I sell my customers on a naak subscription?

Rather than focusing your sales presentation on features, we suggest you focus on the OUTCOME your customer is looking to achieve.
naak’s User Interface is simple and designed around delivering desired outcomes.
The ability to switch loads on and off for different reasons based on achieving a desired outcome is a powerful differentiator and a game changer for optimizing resources, especially battery storage.

For a C&I client how do you figure out which circuits or devices naak should control?

Energy management at the C&I level is very much use case driven. The key is to identify the heaviest loads that can be flexibly managed vs. those that must operate at set times of the day no matter the cost. A benefit naak offers it its hardware agnostic and lego block approach to energy management. Meaning more load control, sensors and alerts can be added over time and as needed to optimize for the desired outcome. We recommend you start by monitoring then using the data to integrate the most impactful control features.

How is naak better at peak demand shaving with battery storage?

First off, a battery may not be required if the loads at issue can be shifted to less problematic times of day. Other battery control platforms focus on discharging the battery in time to avoid demand charges. naak can do the same but does not start there. Once the problematic loads are identified, they can be switched off as peak power nears set limits or scheduled to run at different times. When this feature is combined with naak’s ability to discharge the battery in a coordinated fashion, the results are unmatched.

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