Our Mission

naak exists to power the digital transformation of energy, empowering people, businesses and communities to control their energy future and participate in a clean, safe and sustainable energy marketplace.

Our Vision

naak Prosumers, live and work in resilient homes and business, are in control of their energy spend, and live with peace of mind. And when called upon, support their local grid making their communities safer, cleaner and healthier places to live.  

Finally, We Cracked the Code to Predictable Solar Sales.

Due to solar’s dependance on incentives, price pressure from competition, ever shifting market drivers and added complexity from battery storage, solar companies struggle to survive and many have unfortunately gone out of business.

Differentiation 2.0: A New Reality That Is Making Waves In the Solar Market

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The Founders

Adam Boucher

Adam Boucher

A born entrepreneur with a passion for the environment, Adam has dedicated the last decade to seeing the solar industry succeed. He has developed new forms of financing, funding over 1000 projects, and started a commercial solar contracting and development company that has served over 10,000 units of multifamily affordable housing. His knack for identifying the next opportunity has led him to create new business models and build strong teams central to their success. Inspired by the convergence of new technologies and their disruptive impact on energy, Adam is now leading the transformation of the digital energy marketplace empowering individuals and businesses to produce, consume and transact their own energy.

Jonas Villalba

Jonas Villalba

Jonas brings over 20 years’ experience in design-build contracting and solar development. He grew up working for a family contracting company, became a licensed journeyman plumber and managed teams of 40+ MEP and HVAC tradesmen. In 2009, inspired by a personal calling to join the solar industry, his first role gave him a seat at hundreds of kitchen tables selling solar to homeowners. Yet his broad base of expertise led him to assume many different hats including estimator, engineer, installer and master solar designer. For that past seven years Jonas has provided solar solutions for hundreds of commercial solar, LEED, net zero, and energy storage projects. His continued interest in new technology and data science, combined with his technical application experience, gives Jonas a unique perspective and ability to lead the next wave of transformation impacting the distributed energy sector.

Leverage the Digital Age of Energy and Control the Future of Your Business.

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