Control Your Energy Future

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Here’s What We Do

For Solar Installers

As a naak partner, you’re not just selling a future proof solar system, you’re positioning your company and your customers to participate in the new energy economy.

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For Solar Lenders

Empower your partners with “real” market differentiation, turning customers into brand ambassadors, reducing costs and multipling revenue streams.

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For Home & Business Owners

Validate your savings, ensure your system is optomized for your desired outcomes and participate in cost saving utility programs as the market evolves.

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How It Works

Almost everything we do in our homes and businesses requires energy – Appliances,  climate control, EV charging, pool pumps…
Yet they all operate independently and with no concern for your wallet or your convenience. Not only that, new utility tariffs change the way we buy electricity making it up to 7 times more expensive to run your dishwasher or cool your home depending on the time of day. But you can change all this…

If you like the internet, you’ll LOVE the Internet of Energy!

You can make your home or business better serve your needs. You can actually “control” your energy use. You can optimize your solar and battery and ensure its working for you. You can participate in the new energy economy lowering your costs. You can make your home and the grid safer and more resilient for your community. You can control your energy future…

That’s the power of “plugging in” with naak!

Your Energy.

Optimized & Connected. 

naak is an internet of energy service provider offering eCloud Connect, a subscription based service to manage the use and exchange of energy between solar, batteries (if included) and the grid.

eCloud Connect protects your energy investment and business by providing a flexible and moduler energy services platform that evolves as market conditions and consumer needs change, and they will change.

“When industries go digital, there are winners and losers:  Uber, Amazon, NetFlix, PayPal… That same force is now hitting energy. We believe this represents the dot com moment for solar companies who see it comming. If you see it, we should talk.”

Adam Boucher, CEO naak

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