Energy Automation – to control your energy future 

naak dynamically manages the energy experience across solar, battery storage and appliance loads – for reliable whole home power, additional savings and grid participation. 

Automate solar and storage

naak turns your battery system into an appliance that you can control. Enjoy peace of mind that your system will work properly when you most need it.

Intelligent energy

naak apps operate as the digital glue and smarts behind your energy system. Our AI platform connects and controls solar, battery storage and appliances to adapt to your changing needs and maximize ROI.

Load control

naak’s simple and informative mobile app make it easy to monitor and control your appliances from the palm of your hand.

Meet naak – powering the future of energy automation

We provide the ability to fully manage and control your energy consumption, production, and storage from one convenient, user-friendly app.

Home energy management and control with naak Autopilot software.

naak “Autopilot” software optimizes your home’s energy performance based on your utility tariff schedule and real-time circumstances. One solution that saves you money when grid connected, and extends your battery life for reliable whole home backup when grid disconnected.

Leverage AI and Energy Automation to bring your solutions to market.

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