Join The Digital Energy Economy

Plug into the Internet of Energy to monitor, control, and optimize your home or business from the palm of your hand. The new and only way to go solar or manage energy storage!  

For Solar Installers

Position your company and customers to participate in the new energy economy. Unlock the value of solar and storage with unmatched control and flexibility. Generate ongoing revenue from subscriptions and new service offerings.

Solar Service (PPA) Providers

Empower your partners with lasting market differentiation, turn customers into brand ambassadors, reduce operating costs and breathe new life into your existing fleet. Need a “Meter Swap” solution? We have that too.

For Home & Business

To control your energy future, your solar and storage must be connected to the Internet of Energy to optimize your system and get the most savings as the market evolves… Just wait until you experience turning your appliances on and off remotely!

Energy Services of Tomorrow

naak helps solar companies capture their slice of the Digital Energy Marketplace.

How It Works

naak takes home energy automation to the next level. Control your energy storage device and solar in addition to the individual appliances in your home or business, maximizing energy savings and increasing disaster readiness. All from the palm of your hand!

How to Grow Your Solar Business in the Age of Digital Energy

For those seeking growth in the digital age of energy, It’s never been easier to keep up with fast changing go-to-market strategies and service offerings. Deliver intelligent solutions and unparalleled energy services that will set you apart in a competitive marketplace. Simple, easy to install, and cost efficient.

The Power of the Cloud

The availability of cloud computing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for solar contractors, developers and financiers, who we believe stand on the front line of the digital energy revolution. 


“Having run solar companies for the last ten years, I know what it takes to make payroll and manage growth in an ever changing market. We built naak for those seeking growth in the digital age of energy, and recognize the opportunity this represents for our families, communities and planet.”



“I’ve always believed, if you offer value and do the right thing for your customer, things will work out. Yet nothing is more frustrating than the seductive lure of a low cost bid after a lot of hard work. naak is the value differentiator and antidote to an otherwise commoditized marketplace.” 



Introducing naakConnect

A subscription-based service offered exclusively through naak network partners 

and your gateway to the Internet of Energy

It's time you control your energy

Want the most efficient home or business on the block? Schedule and control appliances from anywhere with your smartphone, or let naak orchestrate it all for you. You can even ensure certain loads run on solar only, just designate them as “green circuits.”

Protect Your Solar Investment

The one thing we can guarantee is change. To be “future-ready” you need the ability to adjust as things change around you… utility rate tariffs, demand response programs, buy a new appliance or EV – no problem!

Real Time Data & Savings

With a minute-by-minute break down of your energy consumption, you’ll know exactly where your energy spend is going. Better yet, with naak you can do something about it with the ability to control when appliances are on or off. 

Become A Trusted Partner

naak is a platform designed to build and scale energy service offerings... limited only by your imagination. Get started with us today!