Make solar and storage
smarter than ever.

naak delivers a more advanced energy experience
across your solar, battery storage, and appliances, no matter
what equipment you use.

Smart solar and storage

naak turns your battery system into a smart appliance that you can control. Enjoy peace of mind that your system will work properly when you most need it.

Intelligent energy system

The naakGRID provides incredible flexibility to choose how your home generates and consumes power. We combine the latest hardware with advanced software controls that adapt to your changing needs.

Real-time monitoring and control

naak’s simple yet informative web dashboard and mobile application make it easy to monitor and control your appliances from the palm of your hand.

Home energy management and control with naak Autopilot software.

naak energy “Autopilot” software intelligently manages and optimizes your home’s energy performance based on your utility tariff schedule and real-time circumstances.

Autopilot applications
included in every naakGRID:

Energy Manager

Optimize rooftop solar utilization and
limit wasted solar (curtailment) by turning
on appliances at the appropriate times.
This feature is especially useful in service
territories without net metering.

Demand Charge Manager

naak integrates flexible load control into a
single solution. Control appliances to keep
your peak demand (kW) in check to avoid
costly utility charges during high use periods.

Microgrid Manager

During a blackout, you have the power to
choose which appliances and circuits are
available in order to maximize your battery
life and runtime.

“Having run solar companies for the last twelve years, I know what it takes to make payroll and manage growth in an ever changing market. We built naak for those seeking growth in the digital age of energy, want to give their customers the peace of mind only resiliency can offer and want to lead the evolution of a smarter, cleaner energy grid.”



“I’ve always believed, if you offer value and do the right thing for your customer, things will work out. Yet nothing is more frustrating than the seductive lure of a low cost bid after a lot of hard work. naak is the value differentiator and antidote to an otherwise commoditized marketplace.” 



Leverage the Digital Age of Energy and Control the Future of Your Business.

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