Join The Digital Energy Economy

Transform the way you sell Solar and Energy Storage. With new advances in technology like integrated load control, machine learning, AI and Internet of Things, the time to transition your business is now.  


Solar Installers

Position your company and customers to participate in the new energy economy. Maximize solar savings and peace of mind with turn key microgrids powered by intelligence and best in class hardware integrations.

Energy Service (Finance) Providers

Empower your dealers with lasting market differentiation, turn customers into brand ambassadors, reduce operating costs and breathe new life into your existing fleet. Unlock the value of energy storage with grid services and exponentially grow your fleet of DERs with Load Control.

Home & Business

To control your energy future and ensure your family is safe when the power goes out, don’t settle for solar and a battery. The naak microgrid offers unmatched savings when the grid is up and unmatched functionality when your neighborhood goes dark and you need it most. 

Continuous Predictable Revenue

By leveraging technology and selling energy services and the outcomes your customers want rather than solar panels, your customers will become a valuable network able to participate in the new energy economy and generate repeat business for you for years to come.  

Get More Customers with Bigger Profits

With the increasing demand for battery storage and microgrids and the emergence of the digital energy marketplace, successful solar companies will be those selling subscription-based energy services. When selling a service, the focus needs to transition from price to user experience and delivering the outcome they expect –  peace of mind, a good investment, savings..

Build a Loyal Network of Repeat Customers

Thrive in ever changing market conditions and increased complexity by partnering with a service provider that equips you with differentiated turn key solutions and the support your team needs to close, install and keep your customers happy for the longterm. 

Microgrids are Reshaping the Solar Industry with Minimal Effort

Why One-Trick Ponies are a Dying Breed in Today’s Energy Market. Why the Traditional Way of Selling Solar is Failing in Today’s Market.

“Having run solar companies for the last twelve years, I know what it takes to make payroll and manage growth in an ever changing market. We built naak for those seeking growth in the digital age of energy, want to give their customers the peace of mind only resiliency can offer and want to lead the evolution of a smarter, cleaner energy grid.”



“I’ve always believed, if you offer value and do the right thing for your customer, things will work out. Yet nothing is more frustrating than the seductive lure of a low cost bid after a lot of hard work. naak is the value differentiator and antidote to an otherwise commoditized marketplace.” 



 How To Leapfrog Your Competition Without The Extra Operating Costs.

Stop playing the race to the bottom pricing game. As a naak Power Partner, you’re positioning your company and your customers to participate in the new energy economy while giving them peace of mind. As your network of customers grow, generate ongoing revenue from subscriptions, new service offerings.

Differentiate Your Solar Company to Get More Customers.

This is the new way to sell solar. By adding more value to your services and creating a loyal user-base of subscribers, you can stand out in a competitive market and gain an advantage over your competitors. 


Learn how to use subscription services, smart solar, microgrids, and load-control to sky-rocket your sales and marketing results and access a market you never could before.


Now is the time to get control over your solar business and join the new digital energy economy so you don’t have to compete with the solar panel salesman anymore.

Leverage the Digital Age of Energy and Control the Future of Your Business.

If you want to learn how to address the specific needs of your solar customers, click the link below to learn more about becoming a naak Power Partner.